Creating Content Patterns

Structure content into
smaller pieces and repeat
the same pattern for each
course section or moduleFor example, content
could be organized in the
following sequence:

  • Introduction
  • Learning Objectives
  • Multimedia Lesson
  • Discussion
  • Activity
  • Assessment

Constructing patterns in your curriculum is one way to infuse consistency throughout the course, which helps the learners manage time and resources. How you approach your content each week should be organized in such a way that the learner understands what is being taught and how to interact and engage with the material and community.

In an online environment, the instructional materials are your learners’ first impression of your course. The easier it is for them to navigate your course online, the more they can focus on the content and the learning experience. When you weave in consistency, it allows the learners the opportunity to organize their schedules around recurring course events.

Consider applying these practices consistently in the organizing, sequencing, and presenting of content:

  • Write all course content using a consistent voice
  • Create patterns in activity structure
    (e.g., description,rationale, deliverables, and resources)
  • Establish a consistent schedule
    (e.g., standardize due dates and plan synchronous sessions, virtual meetings, office hours, and other activities at the same time each week)
  • Align learning objectives to each segment of content
  • Structure the content into smaller pieces