Designing and developing a course is an intricate, multi-step process. A final guided review of the course will ensure alignment between course objectives, instruction, and assessment. The checklist below is an example of how to perform a review that reflects your course blueprint.

Course Introduction

  • The syllabus that was created as a part of your blueprint clearly describes the course and its connection to the overall degree/certification program and to the profession/discipline.
  • There are easy-to-understand instructions for learners about how to get started.
  • It is clear what materials will be used in the course and how they can be accessed.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • The course landing page and syllabus state clear course objectives.
  • The syllabus clearly states what outcomes the learner will achieve after successful completion of the course.
  • The learning outcomes are measurable.
  • The course objectives and outcomes are appropriately designed for the course level.

Learning Resources

  • The learning resources support the course objectives.
  • The learning resources are appropriately designed for the level of difficulty of the course.
  • The learning resources are diverse to cater to a range of different learning styles.


  • Levels of learner performance are clearly outlined.
  • The assessment measures are aligned with the stated course outcomes.
  • The assessment methods are consistent with activities and learning resources.
  • The assessments fit the appropriate level of difficulty for the course outcomes.