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Blooms Digital Taxonomy “Quicksheets” (PDF)

Educational Origami

An infographic contains key definitions and possible activities for assessment:

Instructional Objectives

The University of Tennessee Knoxville

This web page presents a concise overview of instructional objectives:

Whys & Hows of Assessment

Carnegie Mellon University

Distinctions between formative and summative assessment are outlined:

When you design and develop online assessments consider the following best practices:

Align each assessment with specific learning objectives and course outcomes. There are several methodologies to use when mapping assessment to objectives and outcomes, including Bloom’s Taxonomy and Outcomes Based Assessment.

Diversify assessment types to align learning with particular objectives; the learner is assessed around competency of a particular objective with different strategies, such as projects, group work, and simulations.

Create both formative and summative assessments to evaluate the progression of learners throughout your course. Formative assessments are employed during the learning process, whereas summative assessments are employed after the learning process is complete.

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